Saturday, July 05, 2008

Who do you think would win?

This is for my aiki buddies who are also comics fans. In this pic, Marvel is in position to do gedanate or maybe maeotoshi, while Supes is in position to do a great gyakugamaeate, throwing Marvel all the way into the Second Universe. If these guys would just learn a little aikido then they could more easily beat up their buddies during the inevitable cross-overs and the poor artists wouldn't have to draw so many bulging muscles and grimacing faces!


  1. Well Superman did take the time to learn boxing from Muhammad Ali. As far as I know Captain Marvel didn't take the time to learn any fighting style.

  2. I'm afraid Captain Marvel would have the advantage. With the wisdom of Solomon i'm sure he's well versed in the art of aikido. The speed of Mercury and the strength of Hercules doesn hurt. Not to mention his powers are technically magic based and that happens to be one of Supes' weaknesses.

  3. Superman all the way! all he has to do is breath on him and freeze him!

  4. Aha! kokyunage = the breath throw!

  5. Superman would win. Superman has won in the past against Captain Marvel, and he's also won in the future against Captain Marvel.
    And, Superman did learn an ancient Kryptonian form of martial arts called Torquasm-Vo. Magic isn't one of Superman's weaknesses; he isn't immune to it, like he would be to, say, bullets. Ole Kal-El's got this one.


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