Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your feet will thank you and you will thank me

Ok, here's a product endorsement unlike the kinds I usually do.  Foot lotion... 
I noticed years ago that barefoot martial arts practice was making my feet tougher, with especially thick skin on the heels and big toes.  I thought that was sorta cool.  Sorta like a visible sign of the inward changes.  A progress guage. Well, my foot abuse is exacerbated by the fact that I am a Southerner and we only wear shoes to work, church, and the store.  In the past couple of years my feet have taken an even larger amount of abuse from doing jodo kata on brushed concrete outside.  The result, excruciatingly painful cracks in the thick skin of my heels.
I have tried many products to help relieve these cracks and they just got worse and worse until I got a sample packet of Eucerin lotion from work and tried it.  I felt a difference immediately, and went and bought a tube of Eucerin.  I figured to get some little bit of relief but to my surprise it actually healed the skin on my heels after several days of application 2-3 times per day.  Now I am a true Eucerin believer and am hooked on this product totally.
If you find that the barefoot thing in martial arts is 'toughening' your feet, you might want to go ahead and do yourself a favor and start using Eucerin to keep your skin on your feet supple so they won't crack like mine did.  I'm sure you can find Eucerin at your local pharmacy but if you feel like having it shipped to you, then you can buy it from the link below and I will get a little commission off the sale.


  1. Also the only hand lotion i've come across that does wonders for severe psoriosis!

  2. I find that using a pumice stone in the shower helps to even out the skin to prevent the cracks from getting worse. Colin

  3. I've tried pumice, and even those little scrapers that look like cheese graters. They might have helped a little, but I attribute the majority of the fix to the Eucerin.

  4. hey: im from argentina and i left the training because my foot injuries, the skin simply cracks because dryness.
    the skin becomes thick when it can not retain humidity, and this is because there is an urea deficit..
    Eucerin works well, but any other basci creme with urea 5% or10% will do the same.
    personally now im back at the dojo, enjoying the practice without fear, and extendindgradually my clases ( sometimes twice a day)
    i cover my feet with cream every night and wrap each with a polyestirene cooking film,and the same at noon, because i train at night..
    ah, and i use sandpaper to prevent the skin become time every two weeeks..simple and effective

    check your Urea !!

    saludos from argentina


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