Friday, August 22, 2008

August Promote Three

Here's the latest installment in a feature I haven't done in about 3 months - the Promote Three! Thanks to Colin for prompting me to return to it.
Blogging is tough work, and often I don’t do enough (commenting, interacting, linking, etc…) to build up the bloggers who I enjoy reading regularly. It is not uncommon for life to intervene and make regular posting impossible or at least onerous. This month’s Promote Three is dedicated to three martial arts bloggers who have made tremendous contributions to the martial arts blogosphere, but who have not posted in a while. Thanks to y’all for sharing with us, and I hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of:
These are three great examples of blogs that you should read back over. Even though they haven't been updated lately, they still represent a huge archive of interesting and educational info and opinion.

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  1. Hey, I like that idea. It's a cross between giving them a pat on the back and calling them out. (LOL) It may seem petty, but I am on the top list of m.a. blogs and people who haven't posted since last December are right up in the first half and my blog is #101!!! I read their blogs as well. I have to tell you - two months into my blogging, I am just now starting to have to think about what my post subjects will be. I can see how easily people get off their original intent. But then again, we get to know bloggers and it's kind of fun to know about the other aspects of their lives (best example I can think of: Black Belt often has she posted about m.a. since her knee surgery? Not that often, but you know what, I absolutely love her blog and feel like I know her even tho we've never met in person. Anyway, whatever the case - good idea for a post!


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