Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deep martial mysteries

Ok, I have three questions for those of you who consider yourselves martial blogospheric experts. These are not just any old three questions, but three of the deepest, most mysterious quirks of our martial arts blogosphere!
Grading scale:
  • answer 3 of 3: you may claim the title of Blog-o-hanshi
  • answer 2 of 3: you are a Blog-jitsu master
  • answer 1 of 3: you have attained your first Blog-o-dan
  • If you can't answer any of these three questions then you must repeat the last year of your training, Bloghopper!
And now, the three questions:


  1. Oh, heck, I don't know. :)

    I do kind of find myself wondering what your readers will think when they search for martial arts-related material and find that it constitutes only a small percentage of what I write.

    I'm glad you provided the link to Ikigai, a blog I hadn't previously perused. I've added it to my Google Reader list.

  2. LOL!

    For some reason, this really brightened my day.

  3. And I answer with 3 questions...

    1. Is this an open blog quiz?
    2. Will there be a grading curve?
    3. Where do I sign up for Bloghopper school?

    Seriously, I'm still new to blogging - especially m.a. blogging. Will you give the answers after you get all the smart aleck answers like mine? : )

  4. haha! Well I guess I can claim a blog-o-dan, as I am the personal keeper of the mystery tab.

    But the other two...I'll just have to keep blog training until I can answer that!

  5. MA mom, Of course, the quiz is open to any who think they can penetrate the enigmas that are Dan Paden, Scott Zrubek, and Ikigai.

    Grading curve - what's that?

    Perhaps I should start an online bloghopper school...


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