Sunday, August 10, 2008

Greatest martial arts movie ever made

This beautifully made movie starring Eric Roberts and F. Murray Abraham, is a story of obsession, of revenge, and finally of redemption. When this came out in college my roommates got a copy and literally watched it 1-2 times per day for months.  After college, I hunted high and low for this movie and finally my lovely bride found me a copy that I have watched repeatedly (though not daily).  I don’t know why this movie never made it onto DVD, but if you can play VHS and want to see the greatest martial arts movie ever made, check it out.  You can get it pretty inexpensively at my Amazon Store:


  1. Agreed! I first saw this movie in the military and think it's one of the best Eric Roberts has ever done.

    Not sure I'd call it the best MA movie ever but it's definitely worth a look!

  2. Uh. What's the name of the movie?

    "By the sword"?

  3. the BEST martial arts movie ever made? I dunno about that. I liked Best of the Best (also with Eric Roberts) a bit better...but By the Sword is still pretty good.

  4. I would vote for The Duellists.

  5. For me, the best MA movie ever had to be Enter the Dragon, folloewed by Drunkun Master. Although i did like this one.

  6. Well, I know you guys won't care, but they could be the worst ma movies ever made and because they have Eric Roberts in them, they'd rate a-ok by me. (Just something about him - I just love him.) Thanks for the tips - I'll look into both movies suggested.


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