Thursday, August 14, 2008

I forgot to post Tuesday's training log

Aikido with Kel and Whit
  • ROM, tegatana, hanasu
  • R1 with juntai timing as an entry into a limited randori game that goes like this:
  • R1→(YK7 or R1 on the other side). I really wish I had my video capability up and running because this is an excellent randori drill along the lines of the flow drills Dojo Rat has been posting lately. Oh well, I'll get video back at some point and will make a point to video this game for y'all.
  • This class and this exercise really brought to light a couple of illusions - the illusion that you can control the other guy and the illusion that you can escape the other guy's control. It's a funny thing... when you start to see these two as illusions the aiki really starts to work. It's one of those weird "have to give up control to get control" things.

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