Friday, August 01, 2008

It's better to get punched in the nose...

...while facing your problem trying to deal with it, than to get blindsided while trying to pull away, turn, and run.  At least when you are facing your problem you can see it coming and you have some choice about how you get hit.  This was the lesson of the night.
Aiki with Whit, Knox, and Quin
  • ROM, ukemi
  • release #1 and #2 with emphasis on moving away from the other arm and pushing off to disengage back to ma-ai.
  • As a cool technique of the night we previewed releases #3 and #4 by generalizing all four of them as, "move away from the free arm and circle your hand around his thumb or his little finger."  Worked great.  They did great.


  1. Your punched in the nose metaphor applies to workplace politics, too.


    It's better to see it coming because you can at least control--to a certain extent--how you'll be hit.

  2. We talk about this in my dojo all the time. One of my best lessons of all time advises the student to head toward the punch (as opposed to away from the punch). It doesn't take a lot to deflect a punch -- but you need to head into it, before it accelerates any faster.

    Getting Punched in the Nose


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