Thursday, August 14, 2008

Magical kotegaeshi night

Aiki with Kel and Whit
  • ROM
  • tegatana with emphasis on balls of feet and the 'washing the mirror' exercise
  • we worked 'washing the mirror' into a sort of general-purpose evasion and offbalance program using attacking partners
  • gyakugamaeate
  • chain#3 including wakigatame, kotegaeshi, and gyakugamaeate
  • variations on kotegaeshi with emphasis on taking the slack out of the arm without crushing the arm, striking to induce a vibration in uke, then following the vibration. (the magic kotegaeshi)  We also played with siilar mechanics in the suwari munetsuki kotegaeshi from sankata.
  • We ended up tying it all together with kotegaeshi from owaza, using the 'washing the mirror' idea, getting in synch, and throwing on the step

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