Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Old tegatana no kata video

This is an old clip of Tegatana no kata, our first exercise and the only solo exercise we do in aikido.  Not exactly how we do it, but you can see the new within the old (or vice versa).  The goal of the exercise is to learn the general motions that occur in aikido techniques, footwork, whole-body coordination, etc...


  1. Odd but this is how my job makes me feel.


  2. How do you mean, Bob? Frantically going thru the motions? One step forward one step backward while being observed stoically?

  3. Wow that was really interesting

  4. Yoshinkan has around a dozen solo movements that are practiced at the beginning of each class. These are the building blocks of the basic techniques, which are in turn he building blocks of more advanced techniques.

    Gozo Shioda's genius was in the way he developed a teaching system for aikido.

  5. You know, Rick, I’ve thought before that Shioda and Tomiki were probably more alike than different. I’ve seen Shioda’s solo warmup movements and they are a lot of the same solo stuff that we do (though practiced a little differently). Both prewar students of Ueshiba, both have been characterized as more martial than some other aikido teachers, and both known for their genius in reorganizing the way their aikido was to be taught.

  6. The pre war students; there were giants in those days.


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