Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Training log

For a while now I have been labeling my training logs (uncreatively) "training log".  However, because one of my faithful (non-martial) readers complaining that the jargon gets too much to handle in my training logs, I am going to start titling all of y training logs as such.  This will make it easier for y'all to tell the difference between the jargon-laden training logs and the more conceptual posts.
Aiki with Kel
  • ROM, tegatana (with emphasis on the pause between the moves), hanasu (with emphasis on 'stay off me' hands)
  • ushiroate with emphasis on getting in tune with uke's vibations instead of over-riding his vibrations.  We also emphasized the slingshot and wedging uke away fro you with an unbendable arm.  A method of brushing off and disengaging fro a too-close situation.
  • randori

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