Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Where's their face paint?

You know, I've always thought judo was cool because they mostly managed to avoid all the crazy fads that overcame some practitioners of other arts.  Flamboyant red-white-blue stars-and-stripes uniforms...  Tassels, epaulets, stripes, belts of every color imaginable... Every square inch covered with logos and advertising and the name of your sensei/sifu/guru... The introduction of the blue gi as an optional standard in judo was a little scandalous to me, but I got over that pretty quickly.
I thought I'd seen it all, and then Hatashita sent me this today...
The new camoflage gi!  What I want to know is this, are they trying to avoid being seen on the mat or are they doing judo in the desert against real enemies?


  1. Hilarious. I got the same email this morning. It's a bit odd to me that the camouflage doesn't fit any established pattern.

    I do seem to recall a Human Weapon episode where some Russian guys were wearing a camouflage gi that looked intriguing.

  2. according to the site it's for BJJ and grappling. Yes there are many similarities between this and a Judo gi...but obviously this is not for Judo because it's not white or blue

  3. I love it! As John Wood said, I think this must be for BJJ. We're tacky by nature. :)

    Seriously, though, it looks like the jacket is cut more for BJJ with the shorter apron and tighter fit. T

    That's not, however, the only camo gi I've seen.

    I think tacky is part of the culture of BJJ, and I'm okay with it. I wear mostly blue gis, but my wife bought me a black lucky gi when I got my blue belt, and I'm looking at getting a green Gameness Pearl. The pearl is a terrific gi... and what can I say? My wife likes me in fall colors! :D

    But if you want to see unorthodox, I think this one takes the cake.

  4. Good catch, Steve. I think the camo gi you referenced is even dumber than the one I found (notice the camouflage effect is ruined by the bright white and red logos and adverts).

    As for the different cut and skirt length - i've never been one to put much count on playing the rules like that, though some much smarter competitors than me assure me it is both a kosher and necessary part of the sport. I'd rather be able to throw the guy no matter what he's wearing than to depend too much on him or me wearing the right thing.

  5. What I want to know is, where are their necks?

  6. Somaserious - you can't see their necks because of the camouflage!


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