Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another way y'all can help me out

Part of why people keep coming back to read what I write here at www.mokurendojo.com is that over the last few months I have gotten to know a good number of my readers a lot better. Where they live, the arts they practice, some of their reasons for practicing martial arts. And as I have gotten to know y'all better I have gotten better at crafting articles that draw upon your specific interests and give you specific information that you want and need.
But there are a lot of readers out there - folks that drop in on this blog pretty often but never leave a comment. On other forums they might be called lurkers. You know who you are. I would love to get to know more of my readers better so I can keep providing content that you want to come back for.
So, if you would like to help me out a bunch, leave me a comment. Let me know what you are all about! Or if you don't want to leave a public comment, write me an email at mokurendojo@gmail.com.


  1. My name is Amanda Nordstrom. I'm 30, married to a wonderful man named Kurt. We have two children, Kat and Matthew, and five cats. My husband studies Judo at the optimist gym, the club founded by Mose Woodson. I used to study Judo but then the women's class teacher left to go back to Hawaii. My husband found a dojo that teaches Aikido and I started going there in May/June of 07.

    I love to read, write, sing, game (pbems mostly these days), spend time with my family, watch movies, quilt, and of course, learn Aikido. I also love to take pictures but issues with my camera combined with a very busy schedule have cut that down considerably. I homeschool my children (only 3.5 and 2, but I've started on preschool stuff with them). If you want anymore information, feel free to email me.

    (my first name here) @ b l a r . n e t

    Obviously without the spaces and put Amanda in front of the @.


    Is that what you wanted? *G*

  2. Well Patrick,
    My name is Glenn and I live in Belgium ( Europa )...
    I'm currently following Wing Tsjun and Kali Sikaran Eskrima and I have to be honest I'm a lurker ;)

    Well I just love the input on the groundwork and lock flow of Judo and Aikido, something that is missing from my current 2 martial art sports.

    Keep up the good blog ;)

  3. Hey, Amanda. Glad to have you here at my blog. I've sorta cyber-met your husband here before - seems like a sharp guy. Congrats on the two kids and congrats on the homeschooling choice. The world needs more homeschoolers. If you guys ever find yourselves in Southwest MS, you ought to look us up and come play.

    Of Course, you're welcome to come play too, Depechie, but you are a little farther away from us than Amanda and Kurt are. You know, that's the second time in a few days that the topic of kali has come up. One of my former students living in Florida mentioned that he is doing kali now. I know nearly nothing about it. Maybe that's one of the areas I need to expand and do some studying...

  4. Mr. Parker,

    Sorry I haven't commented earlier. While I read the blog either every day or every other day, I had forgotten about my comment. ;-)

    Kurt and I have on more than one occasion said we wished we lived closer so we could come visit. Alas, it's a bit of a drive - especially with two toddlers.

    I agree. We need more homeschoolers. :-D There's actually quite a few where we live. There's even a Homeschooler's association of which we're a part.

    Yes, Kurt is very sharp, though he'll argue otherwise. :)

  5. Amanda, how'd y'all come through Ike? I suppose intact, since you're commenting, but did the storm do much damage to y'all?

  6. My name is Alan and I'm a lurker. Love the articles. The page looks very nice as well.


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