Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gustov waza

Well, we made it through hurricane Gustov pretty much okay. Had a few trees down here and there and lost power for about a day. We didn't have aikido class tonight but we'll be back in full swing Thursday. I'd planned, if we'd had aiki tonight, to have a hurricane themed night, with particular emphasis on  the spiral motion of shihonage and aikinage (iriminage). We'll work that stuff Thursday!


  1. LOL, that's an awesome lesson idea. Man, I wish you were my sensei, I'd come to class at least. I'm so bored with my endlessly repetitive MA classes at this point that I bought a bike and I've started cycling. Scenery changes all the time. Haven't been to a lesson in a month or so. :-/

  2. Hey, thanks for the nice compliment. Maybe you could get on your bike and ride to southwest Mississippi and I could be your sensei ;-)

    All the repetitions are necessary and it takes some experience as an instructor to balance students' need for repetition with their need for novelty.

    I'm glad you're doing something to better yourself, whether it is fist-on-chin or the way of the Schwinn.

  3. I'm so happy that Gustav didn't damaged the area too bad.
    Just to show that people are always preparing to the event that happened in the past


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