Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Helpful handful - Big picture martial arts strategy

My list of five (or six) indispensable judo books and five (or again, six) great aikido books met with such great success that I thought you might like to see a handful of suggestions for great books on the big picture of martial arts. Some of these are indispensable strategy classics, some are philosophical, and some are political. Some of them are directly related to martial arts and some, only peripherally. But I consider all of these books absolute must-reads for martial artists as well as self-improvement buffs.
If you think you want to pick up a copy of some of these books. please buy them from my Amazon store through the links below.


  1. Excellent! I'll be adding a few of those martial-arts related ones to my to-do list.

  2. The 33 Strategies and its predecessor the Laws of Power were great books. A little repetitive, but great. He took stuff out of Musashi and Machiavelli and gave historical examples that made it come alive. Very accessible books and a great intro to the others.

  3. The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China is an excellent compilation. It includes the Art of War, but the best book in the set was the Six Secret Teachings of the Tai Kung. If you've never read that, I highly recommend it.


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