Sunday, September 14, 2008

How about a jostle of judoka?

Words for collectives of animals have always interested me. There are flocks of birds but gaggles of geese and murders of crows. Droves of dragons and herds of cows. Schools of fish and broods of hens. If you want to see a cool dictionary of collective nouns, check this webpage out.
But my question is, What is the collective noun to refer to judo players? All you word nerds and wordnerd wannabes out there, leave me a comment because I need to know what to call my newly burgeoning kids' judo classes!


  1. 'Round here, a pack of kids engaged in any sort of activity is generally referred to as a "bunch of ornery boogers."

    Might be a little long, I guess...

  2. Rascals, Judoka, and Munchkins all apply :)

  3. A Jive of Judoka?

    Yes, I'm bad at this.

  4. For some reason, I like the sound of a Jangle of Judokas.

    Or what about instead of Judoka, call them Juniordoka.


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