Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike smites Clear Lake

This is some raw footage from the weather channel of Hurricane Ike's eyewall as it passes through Clear Lake Texas. This is where our buddy, Scott Zrubek (The Mad Moravian) does aikido at our buddy Ray Williams' dojo and ( I suppose) pretty doggone close to where he lives. Earlier this season Scott wrote that he had the gut suspicion that Gustov was about to barrel right down his throat but it turns out it was to be Ike.
We're praying for you and yours, Scott, and for all our Houston buddies. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help y'all.

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  1. Thanks for the good wishes, Pat.

    The center came ashore just east of us, destroying Crystal Beach and Bolivar. Friendswood and surrounding areas got off fairly well.

    My house is without power. Other than that, we just had some major limb loss on 5 trees. I was expecting to come back to find nothing left, so I am extremely fortunate. No one in my family took a major hit from the storm and there are about 20 residences involved. Including one beach house on Galveston Island.

    I evacuated to an area between Huntsville and Livingston, Texas. Ike followed me up there and applied Cat 1 strength winds to that area. We lost power up there as well. They expect to not get power back for some time.

    The local dojos are okay, except for Buck Snider's judo dojo in Pasadena. It was destroyed, lock stock and two smoking barrels. The mats are a complete loss.

    Thanks for the wished. Send an extra good thoughts to Champion Judo and everyone involved there.


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