Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Munegatame - the side holding position

The following is a decent instructional video on munegatame (the chest hold) known in jiujitsu (uncreatively) as the side position.  The audio is in Japanese, so unless you speak the language you'll do just as well turning the speakers all the way down and paying close attention to his positioning and motion.  I thought his demonstration of the leg entanglements and the hip switches was most interesting.
This post is especially intended for my newbie adult judoka.  We've been working our way around the body in the ground mobility exercise and have dwelt a little bit on this position, munegatame.  This vid will serve as a good reminder/review/preview.  Enjoy...

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  1. The judo version of the side mount can be really tough to escape from. When they have my belt, I have trouble getting out. Many of the BJJ variations I see escapes from have the uke not use the belt. So any tips on escaping?


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