Friday, September 05, 2008

What's going on here?

I try to keep up with who hits on my blog and where they come from and that sort of thing.  It helps me tailor content to folks to make it more interesting.  Well, today,out of the blue, I have started getting dozens of hits on this article on Boxing and Aikido.  They appear to be mostly coming from Europe - specifically eastern Europe.  They look like they are being referred from Google Images, but when I hit the link to track them down I can't load the page.  Curious.
But I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth - keep the hits coming!


  1. Maybe a fluke? Or something triggered by a marketing campaign over there? I had my traffic almost triple at the end of the Olympics because I posted on the Taekwondo practitioner from Cuba. That was short lived -- a little less than a week, and then traffic has subsided back to normal. This is a good lesson - posting on issues that are cyclically marketted through the year in your neck of the woods. You benefit from the exposure paid by some other company. Colin

  2. Try "Perth Royal Show" on google and see what I mean. The royal show is at the end of September. I did a post on it a week or so ago.


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