Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ABG 2008 – Session 3

Tegatana no kata with emphasis on small steps. We also brought up the possibility of doing the turns with a post right in front of you, similar to the bagua practice of pole-walking.
Hanasu #1-4 with tori brushing off of uke’s face strike instead of uke grabbing the wrist. Hanasu #5-8 with very light touch, working on following the French curve and making #5 and #6 reversible into each other.
Chain #4 – particularly the left-right loop and the hineri-gaeshi loop with emphasis on disengaging and brushing off of the thing that is not working.
YK#1 into kotemawashi oshitaoshi with emphasis on finding the right angle between oshitaoshi and wakigatame.

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