Thursday, October 02, 2008

How to teach judo to kids

Yesterday I got an email question from someone interested in teaching kids judo. It read, in part…
Every time I see you talk [on your blog] about class with [children], it seems to be positional wrestling, etc. … So more ne-waza and less tachi-waza for the kids?
I absolutely do emphasize positional newaza with kids. Holds, escapes, turnovers, transitions, etc… No chokes or jointlocking submissions. Positional newaza is safer and more fun for kids and more within the realm of the possible with regards to their motor skills development. Each class, we tend to work on ukemi, perhaps one low-skill low-impact takedown, then positional newaza and motor skills stuff, then some fun form of a randori-like activity.

To see examples of my class structure and the way I teach kids, check out this thread of articles.

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  1. Je partage ce point de vue. Pour ma part, le ne waza repr├ęsente les trois quart de mes cours. De plus les enfants appr├ęcient tous le sol alors que certains ont la crainte de la chute.

    Bravo pour votre blog qui est sympathique.

    Thierry (FRANCE)


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