Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nathan vs. Pat - who'd win?

Nathan at TDA Training (our resident boxing expert) has posted a new article about aikido vs. boxing. Interesting questions - things that need thinking about and deserve an answer. Check it out and leave your own thoughts over there. For my own part, I've been honored with the task of guest-posting my response on TDA Training. Maybe not the response you'd immediately think of, but it's not an easy, A-B-C recipe for dealing with the boxer. Look for my post this afternoon and let me know what you think.
And as for the question I posed in the title of this post - I suspect there wouldn't be a winner - just two losers ;-)
UPDATE: wanna see more on defending the jab from a guy who can both dish them out and shrug them off, check out this thread of blog posts.


  1. Kyu comment:

    I see the key as body position more than hand and arm motion in this case. (Uncommitted attack) Impulse and accuracy determine a jab's effectiveness, so anything that can counter that should help. The whole "throwing up the arms and getting off the line" thing should work nicely, as long as you keep moving to avoid any other jabs or full power attacks.

    Before I trained in Aikido, I would counter punches by blocking and rolling with any punches while closing to a grapple. I'm curious what you're gonna say, since I wanna refine this concept.

  2. Seems like I read somewhere that the jab is relatively new to boxing, like sometime in to the 20th c. Boxers had to adapt to the new technique. How do boxers deal with the jab? Range, footwork, bob, weave, and cover. Upper body mobility and the static arm blocks are the techniques not really covered in aikido. It takes practice just to see these things building before they launch.

  3. I have to say that your (Pat) response post at TDA wasn't what I was expecting, and you clearly focused on the boxing and jab part more than the generic uncommitted, quick, balanced attack aspect. You may have answered it well in another post (the famous Zombie one). As to who'd win (on a less serious note), perhaps he with the greater girth (I know I am a contender)!

    And I humbly decline to be labeled as a boxing expert - I love it, but must probably concede to many other readers of both of our sites. My true love (in MA) is effectiveness, and for me, the fluid "aliveness" of arnis and boxing have helped form my sparring style, but the techniques I use come from many arts, including combatives. You are correct in that it has formed part of the core of techniques and tactics I employ. When ground-fighting, I like to slip and parry punches in the same way I would standing...

    I include aikido in that list of arts from which I have learned invaluable lessons.

    Anyway, Pat, thanks for your thought and attention to the subject, and your dedication to excellence both blogging and martial arts.

  4. Better than the allegedly famous zombie post is this one:

    (Which contains links to the zombie post as well as a half dozen others that explore my understanding of some of what we're talking about.)

    Thanks, Nathan, for the opportunity to guest post. Cool topic you picked.

  5. Ahh man, blogger fight club. Look out.


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