Friday, October 31, 2008

Tomiki aiki demo

This is a really good demo of Tomiki aikido.  Of course, not everything is exactly how I'd do it (but that's  how art works) and not everything he does is perfect (but that suggests reality instead of weakness).  Overall, I very much enjoyed his demonstration of technique, and especially his demonstration of knife techniques at the end.


  1. Oh very nice! I recognised a lot of the stuff as things I've been slowly learning. :}

  2. I really like the sliding ... umm... I almost said sukui nage, but I think maybe it is a "nidan" kosoto gake? Anyhoo, the very last technique.

    Question, as I am a long-lapsed Aiki yellow belt: What are the principles of Aiki groundwork (or kneeling work, as it were)? My thinking is that things like "maintain maai", "get off line", and even "blend with your opponent" are, to varying degrees, less available when kneeling - and not often attempted in the video here...

  3. You got it right, Chad. that was sukuinage, but in aiki we call it gedanate - same thing though.

    Good question, chad, about suwari kneeling principles. Right now I'm knackered from the week-long aiki buddies gathering but I'll write you a good response or two to that in the next few days - look for it!

  4. Was gonna ask, but I realized just in time that the holes in my underwear would have been showing . . .



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