Monday, October 06, 2008

Training Log

I haven't posted my last 2-3 training logs for a couple of reasons. First, I've been pretty busy and haven't taken the time.  Secondly, they have become so tedious that I haven't bothered to write them out.  Let me explain.  A while back, upon the advice of a great, respectable, and successful blogger, I started trying to condense my training logs into as concise a form as possible to relieve all the readers who might not be interested in wading thru the verbiage surrounding my personal training.  Well, having tried that advice out, I discovered that I have condensed all the info out of them that was actually of interest to me.  So I figure to re-introduce a more verbose form of the training logs.  If you don't like them, don't worry.  I plan to continue titling them clearly so you can skip them if you want to.
Judo with Jesse & Justin
  • ROM, ukemi
  • ground mobility cycle with an active bottom man
  • shoulder push turnover onto belly
  • reviewed escapes from kesagatame: entangle, sit-up, uphill, bridge&roll
  • reviewed bride&roll from munegatame and learned shrimp-to-guard escape from mune
  • ukigoshi
  • These two guys are likely not far from time in grade and skill for yellow belt.
Kids' judo with Whit, Knox, Mason, Nick, Mick, Matt, Zach, Stephen, and Laurie
  • ROM, jump-lunges, jumping jacks, burpees, ukemi
  • duck randori (squatting, make partner touch down with other than feet)
  • back-to-back pushing and seated pulling to get opponent across a goal line
  • cross-face turnover rolling partner from one side of mat to other
  • British bulldog with the restrictions that you could only shrimp or roll across the mat and the guy in the middle had to get his feet around an opponent to get them out.

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