Thursday, October 09, 2008

Training log

Judo with Jesse & Justin
  • ROM, ukemi
  • osotogari otoshi, osotogari guruma, hizaguruma, and ukigoshi as an example of a circle of throws - a pile of throws that all come from about the same place.  Extremely confusing to the opponent when you can throw any od 3-4 throws either forward or backward on any step!
  • randori playing with that circle of throws in particular
  • ground mobility cycle with empahsis on gyakukatagatame and the elbow push turnover
Kids' judo with Whit, Dylan, Knox, Luke, Chance, Whit, Sarah, & Ethan (did I miss someone?)
  • ROM, aerobics, ukemi
  • cross face turnover with partner down the mat.  Everyone has gotten the hang of this one pretty well.
  • 3/4 nelson turnover with partner down the mat.  This one was challenging.  We'll get better.
  • a game of picking objects upp off the ground with the toes, getting used to using the feet like hands.  Will work later into skill in deashibarai.
  • crawling man randori with the condition that you have to turn the opponent onto his back long enough to say, "honor, honor, honor.
Aikido with Patrick M., Kel, and Alan
  • ROM ukemi
  • tegatana with emphasis on synching up-down of arm with up-down of body.
  • hanasu
  • 3-opponent randori all night, bringing into emphasis ideas of synchronization, flow, keeping the momentum going, brushing off, and using shomenate and aigamaeate (in particular) as back-ups.

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