Monday, October 13, 2008

Training log

Judo with Justin & Jesse
  • ROM, ukemi
  • drag&drop kosotogari, nidan kosotogari
  • left hizaguruma-right hizaguruma combo
  • nidan kosotogari-hizaguruma combo
  • maintaining control during transitions between munegatame & kesagatame
  • shoulder spike turnover and quarter nelson turnover as additions to the ground mobility cycle.
Judo with Nick, Matt, Mick, and Zach, Whit, & Knox
  • ROM, ukemi, ground mobility skills (lateral rolling with a partner,dragging a partner)
  • crawling man, holding the turned partner long enough to say, "honesty means always telling the truth."
  • kneeling knockdown
  • review of randori rules

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