Sunday, October 19, 2008

Training log

Judo with Todd
  • Groundwork mobility cycle all the way through, touching on the shoulder push turnover, push back to base, meatgrinder entry, scrubbing someone off your back, shoulder spike knee lift turnover, and quarter nelson. A preview/review of a lot of the groundwork fundamentals.
  • Three entries into ukigoshi - step through on a backstep, pull uke around into it, or step back into uke. By the end of this session, Todd was getting good floats, which is important because ukigoshi is not just a great throw, but the basis of many of the advanced hipthrows, including haraigoshi, hanegoshi, and uchimata.
Aikido with Todd, Kel, Erin
  • Tegatana with emphasis on the forward and backward turns
  • practiced these forward and backward turns as evasions with partners
  • Releases #1 and 3 as events that might happen as you are evading and brushing off
  • the 2 udegarame from the knife sets of Sankata and Rokukata - how to maintin the overall strategy of evasion and brush-off but still get this technique sometimes
  • tekubiosae and brushoff

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