Friday, December 26, 2008

Aikido minus the -do

A couple of days ago (Christmas eve) I told someone, "We're not having class today.  We're taking a vacation this week."  They responded in only half-feigned surprise, "A vacation!?  From aikido!?  How could you!?"
The answer is simple.  It's aiki that I am addicted to.  It has permeated much of what I do and I can't seem to stop doing aiki.  But aiki-do is another matter.  It's pretty easy to cancel the actual classes for a week or so, especially to be around family and get some rest.
We'll be getting cranked back up next Monday.  See y'all there for some aiki and some aikido!

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  1. In your locale, what is the accepted pronunciation for "-do"? Some cultures are noted for their aberrant pronunciations of names by including the dash in the sounding of the name where the mark is included. It would not surprise me to one day see "Aikido-do" listed in the townnewspaper's birth announcement section where it would be pronounced "Aiki dash do".

    The trend is established. You may have just given the area a new baby's name.


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