Thursday, December 04, 2008

Daigo quote on seoinage

Here's a quote from Daigo's Kodokan Throwing Techniques, in which he addresses our current discussion of seoinage as done with-crack or sans-crack.  He seems to be pro-crack from a competition practicality standpoint, but he seems to say that the pure-hand, no-crack version is essential for understanding the action of the thing.


  1. If only he would have said it that way...

  2. Ha, Chad, you know not everyone is as taxonomically gifted as you and I...

  3. so ideally there is energy to borrow but in randori no one is going to provide that, hence it's more "muscled". ?

  4. No, I don't thik that's quite it, Neijia, but close. If their center of mass is off the ground then they have energy to borrow. If they are in motion they have energy to borrow. Even in randori or shiai they can't help but provide the energy and offbalance necessary to defeat them...

    But, whether or not you are able to take advantage of it is another matter.

    Randori is sort of a worse than worst-case scenario. Trying to do judo against a fully resistant guy that knows judo is tough because they often know just how to make it hard for you to use their offbalance and energy.

    So, I guess Daigo is saying that as a pragmatic matter, no-crack seoi is usually very hard to do in randori so people fall back on the buttcrack seoinage in randori and shiai.

    But on the other hand, I have successfully thrown the no-crack seoi in randori but have never (that i remember) successfully done a buttcrack seoinage in randori... hmmm...


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