Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 2008 Kohaku Shiai

Today we had our first monthly in-club shiai of the season.  We had ten competitors and ran 43 matches in five events; duck wrestling, clothespin gripfighting, crawling man randori, rooster tail randori, and tachi randori.  In  fiercely contested shiai, the following were the winners:
1st place - Mason Alford and Ethan Schwing (tie) - 8 wins each
2nd place - Knox Parker - 7 wins
3rd place - Sarah Schwing - 6 wins


  1. Can you give me some explanations of duck wrestling, clothespin gripfighting, crawling man randori and rooster tail randori. I would love some new ideas for my kids classes. I think I may do some things similar, but I am not familiar with your terminology. I am always looking for new, fun things to keep the kids interested in learning. Thanks

  2. Sure, Sean, first, check out this link for some descriptions of crawling man, rooster tail, and some other games...

    duck wrestling - the opponents sit on their haunches and try to push-pull the other player off balance to make them touch the ground with something besides their feet.

    clothespins - each player gets 5 pins - one on the back collar, one on each sleeve, and one on each hip. Goal is to get other player's 5 pins while protecting yours.


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