Saturday, December 13, 2008

Disentangling a crotchlock

Here's you judo and BJJ guys out there a lovely lesson on how to disentangle your leg when the opponent has a crotchlock set good and deep.  This can be an exceptionally annoying problem, so watch carefully and the instructor will present an exceptionally simple solution.  You'll still have to practice it a good bit because simple doesn't necessarily mean easy.  He also presents several interesting adjuncts or variants, including a nice keylock and one of my favorite chokes, sodegurumajime.


  1. Oh, half-guard. Nice escape. Half-guard seems to be a temporary position at best. Judo players seem to hold it too long, perhaps waiting for the stall to be called? It isn't that difficult to get out of.

    Those chokes were sweet! As was the key lock. Didn't think of that.

    Kashiwazaki is the man.

  2. Right, halfguard is not really too much technically, but it can be a real annoying thing if the guy can delay you enough to bore the ref and get stood up. Another of those irksome judo rules that we were talking about a few days ago.


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