Monday, December 01, 2008

Lesson plans, week of 12/1/2008

Here's what I plan to work on this week...
Kid's Judo
  • Ukemi - forward roll, oozing, and flipping a turtle
  • osotogari - "any time he steps forward, sidestep and throw."
  • deashibarai - "any time he steps back, slip the front foot."
  • randori - continuing getting the rules of the game ingrained and preparing for club shiai 2nd weekend of December.
Adult Judo
  • We've had abbreviated weeks for the past 2 weeks and I haven't stuck to the previous lesson plan very well, so we'll re-run last time's lesson plan:
  • Yellow belt technical review - particularly for Jesse & Justin and particularly working on how to do a good technical demo.
  • talk about the ippon ideal vs. sufficient proficiency - how to self-check for ippon each time during nagekomi
  • taking the fight to the ground in a dominant position
  • starting defending on the way down if you are going to be the bottom man
  • techniques from release#2
  • White belts will be doing hanasu 1-4, two motion templates, shomenate and aigamaeate, with some emphasis on how to do a good demo
  • Brown & black belts will be doing junanahon kata floating - kotetaoshi, maeotoshi, sumiotoshi, hikiotoshi. Kotegaeshi is also such a floaty thing that we'll play with it even though it is not officially in the floating throw set.
  • Everyone will be playing with techniques from #2, release #6, release#8, shihonage, and tenkai kotegaeshi throwing into the lock on the ground.
  • We'll probably all play with kataotoshi and kubiguruma into a crashpad as the cool technique of the night

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