Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lesson plans, week of 12/14/2008

Kid's Judo:
  • Ukemi - forward roll
  • bridge&roll escape from tateshiho
  • push-back escape from guard
  • scraping someone off your back
Adult Judo:
  • Yellow belt demos for Jesse & Justin.
  • preview of green belt tachiwaza and newaza
  • kataotoshi and kubiguruma into a crashpad as ukemi warmup
  • techniques from release#3
  • White belts will be doing hanasu 1-4, two motion templates, shomenate and aigamaeate.
  • Brown & black belts will be quickly reviewing atemiwaza, hijiwaza, and doing junanahon kata tekubiwaza - kotehineri, kotegaeshi, tenkai kotehineri, tenkai kotegaeshi, shihonage
  • Cool techniques of the night from koryu daiichi
On the blog:
  • Is it shrimping or is it a 'hip escape'
  • Safety of choking techniques
  • Position then choke then armbar
  • 10000 hours over 28000 days
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