Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stefan Stenudd's Attacks in Aikido

Thanks you so much, Kel, for my Christmas present, a copy of Stefan Stenudd's Attacks in Aikido: How to do Kogeki, the Attack Techniques. I love it! The role of the attacker is super-important in aikido, and without a good attack, aikido becomes dance-like and mostly meaningless. Stenudd has put out a vast amount of great material, some for free on his website, with expanded versions in the books.
Stenudd points out in the intro that you make your aikido better by focussing on the role of the attacker. As the attacker gets more dangerous, the defender is forced to step it up a notch. A statement both true and concise, that I have tried to make elsewhere. I can tell that I will enjoy this book and it should give me a lot to talk about for a while at the dojo and here on the blog.

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