Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blimey at the shin kicking Brits

Dojo Rat just posted a great video of a cool British regional grappling style that involves kicking shins to unbalance the opponent such that he falls on his back. Looks like a lot of fun... to watch. I wouldn't want to participate in such a match even if there were a lot of beer involved.
DR's post is right along the lines of my previous posts on regional or ethnic wrestling styles. This type of video does a lot to disarm the stereotypes of Brits as fops in red jackets marching in lines as guerrilla marksmen pick them off. Anyone who would take a good shin-kicking to get you on the ground can't be that much of a wimp!


  1. It's a wonderfully goofy and barbaric sport with a surprisingly long history. I wrote an article about it in 2004 for EJMAS's Journal of Manly Arts.

  2. Hmm...I hosed the link somehow. Let's try this again:

    If that doesn't work, I give up.


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