Friday, January 16, 2009

Helpful handful: tsurikomigoshi

One of my faithful readers emailed me a question about tsurikomigoshi (the lifting-pulling hipthrow). Following is a very good demonstration of my favorite variation - sode tsurikomigoshi (the sleeve-lifting hipthrow) and a handful of hints that I think might help with our tsurikomigoshi.
  • Notice that this builds off of a very loose 2-sleeve grip. If you can control the opponent through this grip with this much slack in the system then you can control him pretty much however you grab him. That makes this a great, versatile grip to practice from.
  • The hip turn-in is pretty much a standard large-hip throw entry - like ogoshi - with the crack of tori's butt on uke's right thigh. You can also do this throw overturned, sticking both buttcheeks across uke's thigh and spinning uke across your low back as in koshi guruma.
  • Tori's left hand wraps uke's right arm around the right side of tori's torso - sort of like a makikomi action. Tori's right hand lifts uke's left arm, leading it upward and forward. Alternately, tori may be able to use both hands to lift both of uke's arms upward and forward during the turn-in
  • This throw builds off of the deashibarai that we start each class practicing. As such, tsurikomigoshi makes a great addition to any of your circles of throws that include deashibarai.
  • Other variations of this throw are approximately the same thing but with different grips. You can do a sleeve-lapel grip and lift his lapel up and forward, or another one of my favorites is to take a sleeve-lapel grip and insert your right elbow into uke's left armpit to lever uke upward and forward.
  • Bonus hint: Get your hands on a copy of Toshiro Daigo's Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques book. It is the most comprehensive book around on judo throwing and Daigo's descriptions of tsurikomigoshi (pages 89-96) are the best.

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  1. thanks, Pat. Ordered the book from your amazon link :)



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