Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fantastic karate-do taisabaki

Magnificient karate! Aiki guys, check this out and see doesn't this trip you out! One of my big problems with karate-do the way it is often taught these days is the emphasis on standing still and generating power. In such a training environment, taisabaki (footwork, body shifting, evasions) is often assumed or just plain missing. But this is superb. If I remember my karate history rightly, this batch of karate guys separated from the Shotokan guys, claiming to be practising the stuff the way that Funakoshi actually wanted it done. I'm sure that the other side has their story, but IMO, this is much closer to karate-do done right.

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  1. That's suberb!He could easily have done throws or locks ... or just blasted his training partners.

  2. looks a great deal like aiki to me... the only thing separating them at this point is the intent.

  3. The "Twin Peaks" theme creeps me out

  4. Wow great find!

    I wonder how common that is in Karate?

    I even recognized a few self-defense techniques from my Taekwondo days. Though we were never taught to be fluid like that.

    My only complaint is that the folks in the video need to keep their hands up!

  5. this is much closer to karate-do done right.

    You mean this is closer to karate not done *wrong*.

    Fighters, regardless of being soft or hard style karatekas, aikidoists, etc. should know taisabaki. That it was erased from a curriculum for a focus on linear drills and ippon kumite is no excuse that that style of karate got it wrong.


  6. There are some very fine examples of TaiSabaki on youtube from an ashihara dojo in torrence ca.
    A friend of mine, Brad Burklund teaches there. His timing and ma ai are really good. It not as "aiki" but it does have an aiki influence.


  7. That's a pretty cool vid, Oldman. good motion.

  8. Karate-do taisabaki is a general guide that can be used with many styles such as karate, aikido or jujitsu. From what I've learned, the benefits you can get on Tai Sabaki is if you are well versed in Tai Sabaki, you can avoid being hit without the need of blocking with your hand and you can also avoid or dodge a sword attack. Can you give me more ideas about this karate-do taisabaki?

  9. Very nice video! Tai Sabaki is an extremely important concept in Okinawa Kenpo (my style), and it was interesting seeing this drill trying to promote it.

    Also, keeping the hands down is just part of the drill so that the practitioner doesn't rely on deflections, and instead focuses entirely on the body motion. Also, hands down in a self defense conflict can provide a false opening - leading your opponent to strike toward the face, and since you know that, you can better react.

  10. Great video! Self defense training and the discipline it instills in ones self is very rewarding.


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