Friday, February 27, 2009

Heian Yondan opening movements

Following is a good video of the first movements of Heian Yondan. This movement seems superficially to be kinda dumb, but if you look a little deeper you can see it as the basis of a whole lot of very fine self defense technique. In this video, tori demonstrates these moves as:

  • a wedge-like block similar to the 'cowcatcher' that we teach at Mokuren.
  • an iriminage-like clothesline throw with a great hip bump as insurance
  • shomenate throwing the attacker straight down his weak stance line.
  • a groin strike (notice how the off-hand follows to stay in the center of the relationship)
  • a gedanate-like throw
  • a pick-up type scooping throw
  • a kubiguruma-like throw
  • a form of oshitaoshi (ikkyo)
It seems as if the first move of Heian Yondan could be one of those universally-applicable techniques.


Sure, there's something missing in trying to learn these types of applications in a solo form - these things will pretty much be impossible to develop without doing a good bit of partner practice. But on the other hand, the jujitsu guys that practice these same ideas in partner kata all the time are missing something too - the ability to train these things (at least to some degree) solo.

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  1. Looks like someone dried their karate pants on high heat!

  2. Hi Patrick,
    I posted a video on my site a while back for Pinan Yondan / Pyung Ahn Sahdan. It includes some bunkai for the beginning moves and a few later ones in the same form. One thing it does show is depending on what attack you envision, you can find an array of possibilities.


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