Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Posture pals

What a bizarro film!  Notice how the teacher demonstrates everything exactly wrong as compared to my previous post on standing in natural upright posture.  Part of the problem with this type of posture instruction is that their norm for perfect posture is based upon an aesthetic ideal rather than a functional one.  They want the students to look a certain way rather than to be able to do something.
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  1. Pat,
    I just stopped by to see if you had the same "extra" graghics added to your blog videos as well. It seems you do.

    Im a bit peeved. So much for the whole less is more design idea.

  2. Yep - that's the "Tyrany of Google" at work ;-)

    Oh well...

  3. Ahh, MST3K...NOW you're speaking my language!

  4. Well, for starters, she deliberately flattened out the boy's lordotic curve in his low back to make the back seem straighter. I wouldn't do that. Also the boy looks like there is a lot of tension in neck and shoulders.

    I think what is particularly wrong wit hthis is the goal or the ideal. A rigidly upright back with head and hips in line is not the ideal as I understand it. The ideal is having the muscles surrounding all those joints in proper tone so that those body parts tend around that vertical line instead of staying on it.

    notice that in the taiji video that I posted, the ideal line is not always vertical. sometimes it is diagonal but the body prts line up around that line properly. Same in the aiki video, but the torso seems to remain rigid and the posture breaks at the hips, requiring a wider stance to line the body parts up on a diagonal line.


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