Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shizentai - Natural upright posture

Our dojo theme for February will be shizentai. Shizentai is the idea that we should find a way to adopt and work from a relaxed, natural, upright posture. We've already talked some about this last month in our relaxation theme because relaxation and shizentai are so interrelated. Relaxation is pre-requisite to shizentai and it is often necessary to adopt shizentai in order to be able to do a technique in a relaxed manner. Notice I am not talking about a rigidly upright posture, but a relaxed, loose, flexible posture in which the head floats generally above the shoulders, which float generally above the hips, which float generally above the balls of the feet.
Look for the theme of posture to be emphasized in each class this month, and you can expect several articles on the blog.
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