Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aiki ninja strike

I've finally figured out Usher-san's dastardly plan. He has been training up a corps of aiki ninja and last night he sicced one on me! Ross came down form Jackson and we were diligently working on shomenate trying to explain some of Ross' questions when out of the blue he uppercut me in the mouth! Blood, guts, gore everywhere - I'd bit completely through my lower lip (as in blood shooting both directions - out of my face and into my mouth). Today I'm about a pint low. Wish I had a good picture to post, but I know that kind of carnage would upset my delicate readers. When I made Ross go upstairs to appologize to my wife for maiming her husband, she was upset at me for not letting her know Ross was here so she could fix him dinner.
To my credit, I'm not sore about getting busted. That happens when you swing fists around. You know, though, that there are a-hole instructors out there that would have tried to punish the student for hitting the master (anyone ever meet one of those guys?). I'm glad I don't suck like they do ;-).
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  1. Sounds like that Ross fellow needs an attitude adjustment.

    Whether it be Ross, or Karl's guys in Japan - the art is being practiced with bad ego's if these results are happening.

    Heal well my friend, that must be terribly uncomfortable.

  2. Nah, Strange, you've got it wrong. Ross is a great guy and I was ribbing him. I ran into a fist. That happens (thankfully rarely because we are all so fanatical about safe practice.)

    Thanks for the well-wishing, though. I appreciate your concern.

  3. Keeps you honest, my friend! :-)


  4. I see. In my dojo we learn not to bleed!

    Keep healing!


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