Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Measuring every time

Started an interesting conversation thread in the comments of the last post with Sensei Strange.  I don't think he's completely wrong, but...
It seems (to me) that Tomiki got a lot of his ideas about kata construction and practice either from the ZNKR guys or from the same place that they got their ideas. If I remember my history rightly, the ZNKR guys formulated their new kihon and kata around the same time as Tomiki or maybe a little before. In any case, the Tomiki sword work in the Koryunokata (simple as it is mostly) bears a great resemblance to the ZNKR stuff. That influence (like measuring every time in kata and kihon) seems to spill over into the rest of Tomiki practice.
Notice, for instance, in the kendo kata video below. They start an arbitrary distance apart, move forward, measure, do ipponme, then measure again after every technique and before the next.
Notice that the kendo kihon operate the same way...

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  1. I am listening....but still don't get it. Most of the time I see kata heavy schools line up, they hit maai correct anyhow. Then then break any reality, any strength, any feeling of danger by making everyone conform to elementary school lines. By brown belt Maai should be gospel, and really only a more observant member of the duo should spot breaks in proper distance.

    Still...I am listening


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