Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old scam making the rounds again

I've started getting spammed with my favorite scam again. Same details but different name this time (Last 2 times the fictional names were Rhodes Cremas and Karl Bayero). Watch out, fitness and martial arts instructors. These guys get your info, send a bogus check for both people's tuition, then one has to pull out suddenly so they ask you for a refund of half.
Good day,
How are you doing today?My name is Micheal Watt from Conakry Guinea.I got acrossed your email address when i was searching for an instructors who can give me and my brother a private lessons in any aspect of Martial Art .We are based in Guinea but in a while,we would be travelling to United states on holiday in your neighborhood. We would love to get involve in a private lessons with you,we would be available for 2hours per day,3times per week and we would be having this lessons for 3months.Kindly get back to me with the fees you are to receive if you are to instruct me and my brother for 3months and also 3times a week.Our company would be paying for our fees and would like to know if you accept certified cheque or money order as the method of payment. Will be waiting to read back from you soon
Regards Michael
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  1. The first clue is that they are taking holiday in Magnolia. =:>

  2. Thanks for this post, I got the same email and wondered if it was legit or not.


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