Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sankata video

Techniques form Tomiki aikido Koryu Dai San kata, A.K.A. goshin no kata or just Sankata. Some interesting variations and twists here and there...

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  1. its fitting that the guy doing the throwing has fifty pounds or so on the guy being thrown, considering the techniques as shown. I'd like to see said Tori do many of those techniques to someone significantly bigger/stronger than he; i think he might be in for a surprise or two. Nice video, and nice demo, however.

    si vales, valeo.


  2. Fifty pounds? chops, you're being generous! That guy outweights his uke by 100 pounds if by an ounce! And you're right - it doesn't seem like that skilled a demo, but there are a lot of things that I practice that don't look too skilled.

    There's gotta be something that you can learn in there...

  3. 100 lbs? How about giving up more than you yourself weighs?



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