Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Endo breaks Yamashita's knee

Ever since I've been in judo, kanibasami (the crab-claw sweep) has been illegal. We'd always been explained to that it was dangerous but we figured because it tends to smack uke's head against the mat so hard. We always joked that they banned kanibasami to stop sensei Mac McNease from throwing it so viciously and so successfully against so many competitors.
I'd never seen this clip of Yamashita getting his left knee broken by Endo with kanibasami, immediately after which the technique was banned in competition.

Yasuhiro Yamashita (JPN) - Sumio Endo (JPN) [Open]
Uploaded by McCormick1971
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  1. That's a nasty injury. Ungh...

    Cung Le used a similar one all the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Qk_imp13Y

    I never did it with the spin like him; it always felt weird to me. But I used to do the same one as in the video all the time while sparring. Never had any injuries. But then again, I don't do Judo anymore. ;-)


  2. Ooh. You can even hear the snap. Sambo fighters use it a lot during training especially when practising transitions from it into leg locks.

    I think Yamashita was very unfortunate to land like this. I have never seen a landing like this before.

  3. Is this the standard way to do kanibasami in judo? Me thinks the kuzishi is wrong and this form is based too much (well, hundred percent) in body weight, but most probably it's me who's wrong.

  4. I've done this move a few times in sparring/training but no one has ever told me it was dangerous, I guess because we were trained to do it a little higher. I guess next time I want to bust someone's knee up, I know what to do! Colin


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