Monday, April 13, 2009

Why not grab the pants leg in judo!?

So, the Powers That Be have issued a new set of rules for judo competition (again). I got this in the mail this morning. Among other inane fluctuations in the rules...
A player may NOT "first" grab the trouser leg(s) then attack, but may grab the trousers to assist in finishing an attack that has already been initiated. Grabbing the trousers first, results in an immediate Mate and (shido). Grabbing the pants in the midst of an ongoing attack or even simultaneously in order to finish the attack should not be stopped or penalized. Grabbing (Grasping) the leg (not pants) – arm-hook or hand-hook (as in Morote-gari and Kibisu-gaeshi) without grabbing the trousers/pants is still legal. These actions should not be stopped or penalized and any subsequent action should be scored.
Why would they make this rule? They have standards for the pants that they are growing more and more fanatical about enforcing, and those standards only exist to povide a gripping surface along the entire length of the leg...

The trousers, free of any markings except for c3 and c7, shall be long enough to cover the legs and shall at the maximum reach the ankle joint and at the minimum 5cm above the ankle joint. A space of 10 to 15cm shall exist between the trouser leg and the leg (bandages included) along the entire length of the trouser leg. (IJF Referree rules Part 3, section e).
I rather like grabbing a thigh or knee and jacking the guy up with tsurigoshi or ashiguruma on the other leg... Then there's this lovely, evil variant of uranage check it out here.
Patrick Parker, is a Christian, husband, father, judo and aikido teacher, Program Director for a Cardiac Rehab, and a Ph.D. Contact: or phone 601.248.7282
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  1. I hate sport Judo. rules rules rules

  2. More of the IJF nonsense. IMO, they get pissy when non-judo purists (or just non-Japanese) beat up a bunch of judoka (particuarly Japanese judoka). Thus all of the gripping rules and what constitutes a 'valid' attack. They are going to end up defining judo out of all usefulness. If anything, judo should be going the other way - allowing more things than have been done in the past. As we learn more about what is and is not safe, I think one can say that things like leg locks can be done safely, at least in the high rank divisions...

    By the way, here is my prediction for the next bit of judo castration: further limitations on entering groundwork and what can be done on the ground. That should protect us from those mean BJJ guys.

  3. Agree completely with Chad. Frankly I'm glad to have extricated myself from the judo controversies. I have enough of that on my plate already. :)


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