Saturday, July 04, 2009

On deck at Mokuren Dojo

This past week, we had two students test successfully for Green belt (Yonkyu) and one student test successfully for 2nd Brown Belt (Nikyu) - Congrats Kel! So what material is waiting in the wings for these guys?
In aikido, our green belts will be working on elbow techniques - controlling uke's center of mass through his elbow...
  • oshitaoshi (A.K.A. ikkyo)
  • udegaeshi
  • hikitaoshi
  • udehineri (A.K.A. kaitennage)
  • wakigatame (A.K.A. gokyo)
The 2nd brown belt will be working on floating throws - hitting precise timings and directions to effect an otoshi...
  • kotetaoshi/maeotoshi
  • sumiotoshi and its variants
  • hikiotoshi
Here are some links to previous articles on the abovementioned aikido techniques.
In judo, we'll have another student ready for green belt in about 2 months. Between now and then, this student will be working on the following material...
  • inside reaps (ouchigari & kouchigari)
  • seoinage
  • ogoshi
  • improving the fundamental escapes from kesa, kata, kami, and mune
  • hadakajime (rear naked choke)
  • basic armbars (wakigatame and udegarame)
Here are some articles I wrote about these judo throws, and about hadakajime.
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