Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Owaza Jupon

Here's a couple more of my students working on Owaza Jupon (10 major throws) from a 2-hand grab entry. I think you'll notice that the exercise flows something like this...

  • Uke grabs and tori demonstrates 2 basic themes - turning uke into a backfall (guruma; A.K.A. tenchinage) or stretching him out into a linear fall (otoshi).
  • After this, uke grabs and will not allow the previous tenchinage, so tori grabs the arm wherever he can and turns for the other 2 forms of guruma, which look a lot like seoinage.
  • The iriminage is missing from this video, but you see the shihonage and ushiroate and kotegaeshi that are characteristic of Owaza and also similar to Koryu Dai Go.
  • The shortcut from iriminage into ushiro kubigatame
  • shizumiotoshi - clipping a knee if nothing else works

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