Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the flip side...

Photo courtesy of Stephen Poff
The interaction of our natural side-preference with the aikido and judo techniques is interesting.  I've written about this before.  Aikido (the way we teach it) is mostly evenly balanced left-and-right up till about shodan, at which point the exercises and kata tend to only be done on one side.  In judo we almost exclusively teach right-sided techniques.  it turns out that neither system is incomplete if it is done one-sided.
But in demonstrations and quick examples where I'm showing something to the class, I almost always choose my preferred side (right side) just for convenience and comfort.
I've decided to make January 2010 Left-handed martial arts month.  At our dojo we will only practice left-sided aikido and judo.  No right-sided practice.  Should be interesting.  Anyone want to take up this challenge with me and see what comes of it?  Nick?  Strange?  Dojo Rat? Anyone?

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