Monday, January 04, 2010

Judo and aikido complete each other

A few weeks ago I wrote about crossover points in karate kata.  These are places where you have the tendency to fall out of the domain of one kata into the domain of another kata.  Today I wanted to mention a similar phenomenon that I've noticed among Tomiki aikido and Kodokan judo kata.  In these two katasets you will find many, many examples of crossover points.
You will find instances where an idea or principle is presented or suggested in one kata and that principle or a complementary one is completed by a different kata - often one in the other system.  For example:

  • Owaza Jupon and Nagenokata complement each other.  Throws that are seen as gurumas in Owaza are seen in nearly identical otoshi forms in Nage.
  • Goshin Jutsu and Koryu Dai San have multiple instances of two different, but complementary ideas about solving a particular self-defense issue.
  • Same thing with Goshin Jutsu and the older Kimenokata - multiple lenses on the same issues.
  • Junokata and Koryu Dai Roku have much the same feel, though junokata seems more mechanical and Rokukata more dynamic.

Anybody notice other crossovers between the aikido and judo katasets?
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