Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Most common habitual acts of violence

Sets of goshin jutsu (self defense techniques) like the Kodokan Goshin Jutsu are very common among martial arts.  Most of these goshin jutsu sets have several features in common:
  • They are basically a nod toward situational, reality-based self-defense (RBSD)
  • They are designed to defend against common, realistic attacks "on the street"
  • They are often fairly limited in scope, making no attempt to be encyclopedic or comprehensive.
  • They are suggestive or illustrative of concepts or principles that can be effectively applied against classes of attacks
Here's an interesting thing to think about.  Following is a list of the most commonly experienced violent attacks.  This is derived from a UK study a few years ago, but you can find similar lists on the net - particularly if you search for something like, "most common violent attacks."  These lists are organized from most common to less common...

Male vs. male:
  • Push to chest followed by a punch (usually an overhand right or haymaker)
  • Punch (usually an overhand right or haymaker) thrown without preceding physical technique
  • Chest/lapel grab followed by punch
  • Two-handed chest/lapel grab followed by headbutt
  • Two-handed chest/lapel grab followed by knee to groin
  • Bottle, glass, or ashtray to head (overhand right or haymaker with object in hand)
  • Lashing kick to lower legs
  • Stabbing at the face with broken bottle/glass
  • Side head lock
  • Front head lock
Male (assailant) vs. female:
  • Single hand grab of victim's raised wrist, gesticulating with other hand
  • Grab of one wrist and the opposite upper arm, victim's arms pointing down
  • Victim raises both arms, attacker grabs one wrist in each hand
  • Victim's arms are down, attacker grabs both upper arms
  • Two hands grab one arm, at wrist and upper arm simultaneously

So, my questions for you, dear reader...
  • How does this list jive with your experience of things that are likely to happen "on the street?"
  • Do you know of any other studies besides the UK HAOV study that resulted in data like this?  perhaps more recent or specific to the US?
  • To what degree does your self-defense practice reference the most common attacks that you might expect to experience?
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